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This ministry was formed by the love that they have for their lord Jesus Christ. Ever since Reverend James Ray Evans has been ordained by the church as a Minister, he was charge by the Church to go out and help others find their way to the lord.

This ministry welcomes everyone that would love to learn more about God's word and would like to have Jesus Christ in their lives.

This ministry have always tried its best to live the way that their lord Jesus Christ wanted them to. This ministry is all about helping others and providing them with the truth. At this time this ministry is only an online ministry but their prayers are that one day they will have a building so their ministry can be both online and offline.

This ministry is involved with helping their local food bank and the children around the world. This ministry has another ministry called Save Our Children Ministry which is on the web at

They have started this ministry so that they can try to help every child around the world. This Ministry accepts donation and every donation that they get helps them provide for their local food bank and also children around the world.

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