Hello brothers and sisters,

My name is Rev. James Ray Evans. I have been a Reverend since Oct. 14, 2008. I was ordained by Universal Ministries. Ever since then I have made it my life to help others find their way to our lord Jesus Christ. I would be lying to you if I said that I always wanted to become a Reverend. When I was growing up I never had my family around me I was taken away from them when I was six years old. Therefor, I mad it my life to cause pain to any one that came into my life and left me. I was growing up as a hateful person, getting into fights, stealing and among other stuff. Even though I was saved I did what I wanted because I was hurt and I wanted to make others feel the pain that I was feeling. It took 23 years to listen to what God was telling me what he wanted me to do. I woke up one morning and it was in my head that I wanted to spend the rest of my life as a Reverend so that I ould do God's will. I went to classes and study the bible and learned things that I never knew. When I was done I was rewarded by the church with the title "REVEREND". Evere since then I have made it my duty to help others in their spiritual ways and try to help local food banks out with food out of the donations that we take in and also help children out all over the world. Remember we are still on this earth for one reason and that reason is to do God's will and when we are done working for God then he will take us home with him.

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